Sunday, 28 February 2016

In amongst all the general rubbish on FB, I saw this. A reminder that people sometimes can be honest and wonderful.

The post read:
After a couple of hours shopping at Milton Keynes shopping centre, I loaded up the car with Jaxons push chair and shopping etc, forgetting to put the nappy bag in the boot. Drove off like a numpty and realised at the petrol station, I had no bag or purse.
Feeling sick with panic, I searched the area near where I had parked, asked in the shopping centre and went to the police station.
After giving up hope, I drove home to cancel my cards etc and found this kind person had left my bag on my front door under my recycling box and posted my purse through the door.
I had approx £200 cash in my purse, plus loads of gift vouchers, which I'd just brought and every single penny was still in my purse.
I'm so happy and relieved to know there are good people in mk.
I don't have any details for this person, they just left this attached note.
Please share and help me to say thanks to this wonderful honest person.

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