Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Good from bad. It does happen.

 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8 v28 is often misinterpreted to mean that God makes sure that everything works out for the good of his followers. (Especially by the very mistaken 'prosperity' believers who think that God is actually working to make them wealthy. Take another long hard look at how most of his disciples lived and died and ask yourself if your faith is as strong as theirs. THEY weren't made wealthy by following. Jesus didn't live as a rich man...
However, I digress from my subject. I will get back on topic.)

As you probably can guess, I disagree. I think it means that, those who follow him can see that whatever happens, happens for the best.It's not for their own good, but for God's plan.

Everything? You ask. Everything, one way or another, works for good. However, you personally may never see that good, or know what it was.

Everything? Even a child dying from cancer? How can that work for good? I do not know. It's on my list of things to ask about when I get the chance.

However, this blog is supposed to be largely an attempt to find good in bad (as well as occasionally showcasing my novel and photos). Today I saw good come out of something bad that happened 3 years ago.
3 years ago, this month, I was driving along minding my own business, when a car shot out of a junction, the driver looking off to the right and not in my direction, and that car smashed straight into my car's wing.
My car was a write off. I woke next morning with whiplash, and the impact had triggered an old back injury. It took months to heal. Even now, I still have occasional trouble with it. 

I had to stop most of my martial arts training and just do Taichi (and even that was very painful.)
My 50th birthday plans were ruined. I had no car and no money for another one or for any kind of birthday celebrations. I did eventually get money from the insurance, but it took a long time for most of it to come through. I put on weight (through doing less exercise) which I've never been able to shift. It was a really bad year.

Today I saw some good come from that crash. Today, a middle aged man with a walking stick is not in hospital or the morgue.

How? I will explain.
I still have to drive along that same street, but since the accident I am very cautious as I approach that junction. I know that anyone coming out of there has almost no view to the left (which is why it's a 'stop' junction and not a 'give-way'.)
Tonight, as usual, as I approached that junction I slowed down, just in case. Several cars were coming the other way. As I slowed, the last of those cars went by and I suddenly saw a middle-aged pedestrian with a walking-stick in the middle of the road about to step in front of me. It was dark, the road is poorly lit, and he was wearing dark clothes.
As I already had my foot on the brake, I was able to stop quickly and he crossed safely waving his thanks.

So that is how an accident, 3 years ago, saved a man from being run over today. If I hadn't already had my foot on the brake I might not have been able to stop in time.

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