Sunday, 21 February 2016

A good samariton

The news always seems to concentrate on dark days and terrible events, but here is something good that makes a dark day seem brighter. A woman took her son to hospital and then, unexpectedly ended up staying the night. She came out to find not one. but two, parking tickets. (I'm puzzled about the second because I thought that you can't be fined twice for the same parking offence.)
There was something else on her windscreen: an envelope containing £25 and a note saying to pay it and forget it.

I want to think about the person who left that money. He or she didn't know about the sick child. They may have guessed that the car had been left during a hospital visit, but they couldn't know that for certain.
That person was willing to take a chance that the driver was detained by illness, willing to part with £25 to help, and also willing to take a chance that the money wouldn't be stolen by a passerby.

Someone was willing to help a stranger, completely anonymously, including parting with money.

That's a fine example of what I mean by a fingertip of light.

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